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About Us

„Fenix Trucks“ Ltd. was established in 2009 by Mr. Edi Mateosyan as a successor of „Fenix Machinery“ Ltd. In the recent years we have grown considerably by increasing our stock and renewing our office. We, at Fenix Trucks Ltd., stand behind our position as a responsible partner and only we give our customers a monetary guarantee for the running of the vehicles. By carefully selecting the machines we minimize the hidden risks - an important element in protecting the business interests and success of our customers.

In June 2016 we have completed the construction of a completely new and modern building, perfectly equipped and adjusted to the needs of the business. It provides convenience both to our clients and our employees. The exterior and interior are thematically designed by leading designers and architects, who have given attention to the smallest details.

Since 2018, we are an official representative of . We have started installation of new cranes and multi-lift systems on specially designed chassis.

How can we be useful to you?

We can provide you with what you know you need. Regardless of the fact whether it is currently present in the items we offer or not, we can deliver it at a good price at the highest quality. Our specialists will make the selection, tests and will check the documentation, then deliver it to Bulgaria and hand it over to you.

We could advise you on choosing a specific truck, we have experience with a great range of work equipment.

We can modify your truck by adding functionality that you have not suspected. Replace a damped crane with a new one - lighter, stronger, longer and sturdier.

How? - Check in our crane section.

Fenix Trucks is partnering with German truck sellers Donau Trucks GmbH and Rhein Trucks GmbH.

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